High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd is a highly sought after travel agency for trekking, tours, adventurous and cultural activities in Nepal. Established in the early months of 2016, High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd. advocated for the promotion of adventurous, cultural, and Eco-friendly tourism throughout the nation. Pramod Khanal, our current Managing Director was determinedly inspired by a friend to focus on the idea of sustainable tourism in Nepal.

Growing up in the culturally and naturally prosperous Gorkha district of Nepal, Mr. Khanal grew up to invent and invest ways to take Nepalese tourism to the sustainable era with High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd. While the beauty of Gorkha offered him inspiration during his childhood, he realized the potential of tourism when he entered the tourism market in Nepal. Thus, his enthusiasm to spread the glory of the beauty of Nepal saw the advent of High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd. The main office of High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd. is located at the heart of Kathmandu in Thamel.

Mission and Vision

Nepal is a beautiful nation that fosters the gifts of nature and culture. The precious resources need to be preserved and protected as they sustain the lives of diverse flora and fauna. As such, we envision ourselves on becoming one of the leading travel operators in Nepal while promoting sustainable tourism in Nepal. Our vision is, to improve the social and economic standard of our country through tourism and the opportunities created by it.

As of our short term goals, we look forward to serving a large number of tourists in Nepal with the finest services.


High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd. is focused on the progressive nature of the ever-changing status of the tourism sector in Nepal. Therefore, our objectives are based on the domestic and international tourism scenario. As such, our objectives incorporate:​

1. Promotion of Adventure and Cultural Tourism 

Cultural tourism has been around in Nepal for a long time. Thanks to an assortment of glorious culture and traditions, cultural tourism has stemmed from various countries like China and India. Nepal is a nation of a diverse group of people. These people have their ways of living and traditions. This diversity has promoted cultural tourism in Nepal.

2. Cultural Exchange through Travel

Traveling is perhaps the best way to experience cultural exchange. No matter which corner of Nepal travelers visits, they will no doubt find a unique culture based on that location. Thus, we seek to enrich the trips with exciting cultural interactions.

3. Promotion of Social Tourism through Volunteering​

Investing time and effort in volunteering gives new perspectives to people who are in dire need of assistance. Volunteering also promotes peace through the prospect of traveling. At High Venture Pvt. Ltd., we always look to serve in the time of need and encourage our clients to do so as well.

Why High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd.: "Your Local Travel Partner "?1. Team of Local Experts

It is true that for any authentic data about a subject matter, a local expert is better over others. So, at High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd., we provide wonderful employment opportunities to locals that are based on both rural and town tourism sector to enhance their knowledge and become experts of their localities. This has promoted local tourism in many destinations of Nepal. Likewise, these local experts also provide authentic and accurate information regarding the local areas. They are also able to research the historical and cultural attributes of the area better than anyone else. Their researched knowledge is much more precise that relate to the specific geographic location and the tradition, culture, flora, and fauna that thrive there.

2. A Long Line of Experience and Knowledge

High Venture Plus Pvt. Ltd. has long fostered the culture of learning process even before its establishment. Due to this reason, we have accumulated newer, updated, and authentic knowledge on the travel destinations across Nepal. Our guides and other service providers have been trained accordingly and in the required interval of time. Hence, experienced teams have been formed by High Venture Plus that have made almost all trips till date successful and satisfactory through our client's perspective. We gain experience and knowledge by constantly looking for ways to grow. At High Venture PlusPvt. Ltd., we make it a point to always refer to our client's suggestions and feedback after every trip.

3. Adventure with Safety

No adventure is successful without the right amount of safety. Any adventurer who indulges in adventure sports like white river rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. are equipped with the latest safety gears and is supervised by respective professionals who test them regularly. Likewise, the gears are all of the international standards. They have been guaranteed safety. There is no need to worry over the safety procedures as they are all checked and verified by highly trained professionals. So, no matter what adventure our clients choose, they can enjoy it without any hesitation.4. Cost-Effective Professional Network

 As a well-established company, we have a firm handle on the Nepalese tourism sector. Our vast network allows us to have the best deals with hotels, local teahouses, trail operators, etc. Hence, it helps us to provide our clients with the most cost-effective price range according to the clients’ budget. High Venture Plus also brings several smart packages for our clients who want to explore more at less price. Having said that, we never compromise on the quality of the services and degree of safety and security. This has allowed us to gain the trust of our clients throughout the years.

5. Ability to Tackle and Track down Problems

We cannot guarantee the problems will not arise on the trips. There are certain unforeseeable issues which cannot be avoided no matter how much precautions or assurances are planned. However, there is nothing to fret about. Our guides, porters, and other staffs are highly critical and analytical. They specialize in finding, analyzing, finding and dealing with problems of all sorts. As such, we have great experience in dealing with problems which arise abruptly. Our great network of service providers across the country and adept staff will help you steer away from the problems on your trips.

 6. More than 5,000+ Satisfied Customers

Even within just 3 years, we have had more than 5000 satisfied customers. It is with their appreciation and feedback that we have been able to reach where we are. That is why we try to grow with the words of our precious customers. Even today, our customers come to us again and again because of our zeal and drive to satisfy and improve with time. We are proud to say that we have a prompt customer service, trained experts in the team, and exciting packages that have allowed us to earn the trust of our clients.

 7. Legally Legitimized

We are a government-authorized company and follow all norms, values, rules, and regulations of the country. We are officially licensed by the Government of Nepal along with numerous other government agencies. We take all measures to legitimize our company its activities. Likewise, we have also received various certifications from various national and international travel and tourism-related associations. This is to ensure that all activities of our company are legal and to guarantee legitimacy to our clients.


Our Team