As being a small and cheaper country; Nepal is a very good place for backpackers. You can travel, go to places alone and ask the locals especially in the city areas. If you know even a little bit of Nepali then it is a plus point for you. Besides that, as a mountainous country, it is even better if you come here for trekking purpose whether in a group or alone. So, as to this response, we have some advice on how to make your journey even better, happier and successful. So, as to this we recommend you to change your dollars, pound or whatever your currency is to Nepali Rupee. But first make sure that you have a valid visa for Nepal. The visa to Nepal usually costs around $40/month. Then, after reaching Nepal, we suggest you to buy a SIM card which is available in Kathmandu itself as you land off from the Airport you can go to your hotels and later buy one. Now, talking about the overall budget, you need to carry around $40/day excluding the flight charges. Then, while in Nepal, we recommend you to try the local cuisine especially the rice set (dal,bhat, tarkari) and momos. Then regarding the clothes, we suggest you to bring the clothes according to the season and by looking at the weather beforehand.

Our Team