5 Best way to do photography in Nepal

  November 29th, 2019

As we all are familiar with having delightfulness while capturing the beauty of nature or people around us, photography is actually beyond that.
In context to Nepal also it is no way foreign of the concept of taking photographs while going to visit new places whether be it for a short hike, a trip or even a long trek.

We can see a lot of videography as well nowadays. Anyway, you can have nice views of the mountains and landscapes if you are a nature photographer or monuments, temples, etc.
So, let us proceed towards finding out what kind of photography is best known in Nepal.

Nature Photography

While talking about nature photography, Nepal is one of the best places to have the beauty of its kind. This especially applies to the rural areas of Nepal which include a lot of open space unlike the crowded and busy roads, skyscrapers and all that.
As Nepal has some of the highest peaks in the world including Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world; you can enjoy taking photographs of the mountain peaks. For this, you can find a lot of places towards the Himalayan region for taking such photographs of the mountain ranges of Nepal.
Besides clicking pictures of the mountain ranges you can also find a forest in those regions which are also one of the great ways of capturing nature. The snow-covered trees add a different kind of feeling from the viewer persona.
But don’t think that the mountains are all that is there in Nepal. No, you can enjoy the nature photography at lower elevated areas like Hills and Terai region as well. You can see the roads covered with trees if you go anywhere towards the Terai region from the Capital. Besides that, you can go to protected areas like national parks and wildlife conservation areas for this purpose.
Otherwise, you can simply go to any parks or a short hike nearby and capture the scenic view from there as there are quite a lot of places from where you can see the human settlements, airport, grazing fields, sunset, etc..
Besides that, if you plan to visit the Terai region then you can see the green grasslands and agricultural fields in a substantial amount as Nepal being an agricultural country. You can further view the sunrise and sunset through a wide-angle and a panoramic view from places like Nagarkot, Sarangkot, etc.
As the concept of Nature photography also consists of the views surrounding the lakes, ponds, gorge, etc. You can go to Pokhara, Rara or similar places for the very purpose.

Wildlife Photography

While talking about wildlife photography in context to Nepal, you can find a lot of wildlife protected in National parks and especially Wildlife conservation areas of Nepal. For taking photographs of the wildlife, you can visit any national park out of 9, any wildlife reserve out of 3 and a hunting reserve.
Here, you can find numerous wild animals, to be more specific 208 species of mammals and 900 different species of birds along with some reptiles and cold water animals like fishes. These include some endangered and rare species such as Red Panda, One-horned Rhinoceros, Snow Leopard, Himalayan Musk Deer, etc.
So, what we are trying to say is that you can go to any one of these places and capture good photographs of wildlife. Chitwan National Park among others is considered to be easier to reach and also to capture.
Lastly, even if you just plan to visit the Kathmandu area and do not have time to go outside but are interested in Wildlife photography then you have Central Zoo of Nepal at Lalitpur (very near Kathmandu).

Architecture Photography

Taking photographs of the monuments, the temples and monasteries are some of the most common things around the nooks and corners of Nepal. If you are interested in capturing the art and crafts and the beauty of old and contemporary buildings then Nepal is the right place for you to visit.
With numerous temples and monasteries built in ancient times, the statues and the pilgrims not only have a cultural and religious significance but is also importance and concern of archeology.
With mesmerizing wood and stone carved buildings, you will find the alleys and all giving you a different yet a great experience. If you are interested in archeology, architecture, research or similar field then, you will enjoy being here in Nepal.
Some of the notable places to take such pictures are 3 of the durbar squares, Pashupatinath Temple, SwayembhunathStupa, BoudhanathStupa, etc. along with other places outside the valley.

Portrait Photography

As people of Nepal are of mixed culture, race, and ethnicity, you can find Aryans and Mongolians in the same land. The photographers who are into portrait photography find it fascinating to take photos, especially of the old people as they wear the traditional dress while most of the youngster no longer wear traditional dresses every day.
In Nepal, you can find mostly Mongolians towards the Himalayan region and somewhat towards the Hilly region whereas you find Aryan mostly in the Hills and the Terai region.
The other expects of portrait photography is taken of the Sadhus, who reside outside the temples and some with ashes covered in their faces and bodies, putting the vermillion powder in their forehead, long hair, and beard, smoking cannabis and wearing a thin yellow or orange wearable. They signify being a devotee of the Hindu religion and living a life as a monk.
Besides that, you can also find Buddhist monks and nuns wearing orange or maroon monk wears and shaving off their hair and take photographs of them as well. They are usually found in Monk residing places or some regular monasteries.

Street and Cultural Photography

Though street photography is not so common in all over the country, it is still a practice in major cities of Nepal.
However, you can enjoy taking photographs of the narrow alleys in the country. Besides that, you can enjoy taking pictures of the Hatt, Bazaars, especially in the Terai region.
The vegetable markets, the local shops nearby the temples full of garlands and all that can also be a part of local street photography.
The other subject of Street photography can be during the time of festivals as cultural photography is during Tihar, carrying Rath, etc. as there you can see the streets full of lights and people carrying chariots respectively during these kinds of festivals.
You can also capture photographs of people celebrating major festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Chhat, Holi, Janai Purnima, Gai Jatra, etc. as a form of Cultural Photography.
So, as a whole nature photography and cultural photography as a form of festivals are some of the well-known and best forms of photography that you can practice in Nepal.


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