Brief update and information on Mardi Himal Trek Experiences

Our main plan in Nepal was to visit the majestic high mountains and hike up to one of the base camps. We wanted to gain an elevation of a minimum of 4000 meters while hiking up, so we chose Mardi Base Camp (4500 meters) of the Annapurna region. In addition to that, we wanted to observe the lifestyle of people in high mountains away from the effects of modernization and wanted to taste Nepali food making the most out of our trip. [TOC] Highlights of trek searching in Nepal We wanted to have adventurous trekking experience without guides or porters, so we ...

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​My plan to Kathmandu Nepal Experiences

I was looking for a different travel experience than I usually do with my husband and kids, I had finished the faculty of Psychology and wanted to experience a personal challenge,  so I found a volunteering program to work here in Nepal in a school called Heaven Hill Academy. At first, the name of the school already won me over, and them the fact that it is such a different country to me, the possibility to see the Himalayas, the Mount Everest and also experience cultural differences, the food, all of this made me decide to make this trip.[TOC] Nepal Kathmandu I ...

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Visiting Nepal With a Spur in 2020 Experiences

How a Final Moment decision to visit Nepal in 2020 Turn Out to be an Ultimate Lifetime experience? Nepal Jan/ Feb 2020: My goodness what a trip!! My partner, Tom and I made a spur of the moment decision late 2019 to travel to Nepal and what a great decision it was. We arrived in Kathmandu to Hotel Buddha in the early hours of the morning after a long delay and were greeted with open arms by the staff. And can I say we couldn’t have picked a better hotel for our stay? [TOC]Pramod, the hotel manager will truly never be forgotten ...

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