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  November 27th, 2019

Visit Nepal 2020

In High Venture plus Treks and Expedition, we provide you with holiday packages of tours and trekking in Nepal even though we also provide service of traveling to Tibet, Bhutan, and India as well. Besides that, we opened this company solely for tours and travels mainly focusing on our objectives as promoting Adventure and cultural tourism, promoting social tourism through volunteer programs and enabling an exchange of culture among each other while traveling.

Moreover, you might be quite familiar with the phrase “Visit Nepal 2020” in Social media these days if you have been following the trends of Nepal. But even if you have not then Visit Nepal 2020 is a phrase kept as Nepal has declared the year 2020 A.D. as the tourism year in the country. So, for this, the Government of the new Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal has estimated around a million visitors to come to Nepal. For the very reason, the whole Nepali people are equally collaborating to make your stay a memorable one.
Therefore we also thought about why not offer some extra things to our customers, our guests, our travelers some more offers. Since we are oriented and more focused on trekking and tour packages and Nepal is also celebrating its tourism year like 2020, we have planned out to give you some of the offers so that you can enjoy your visit more fruitfully. So, let us see what offers are there that we are willing to provide you-

Offer 1- No cost for airport transfer arrival and departure 

So, the first offer is that we won’t be charging you any amount to take your luggage and drop till your hotel in Kathmandu while you arrive from your country or hometown and you don’t have to pay for the time of departure as well. We will provide the facility of transferring your luggage and drop you till the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. You will be picked and dropped off either in a taxi or a private vehicle.

Offer 2- Complimentary guide map

Now, the second offer that we are providing you is the detailed guide map where you can explore the city areas yourself while you visit nearby places whether it is in Kathmandu valley or nearby your Hotel area. We are planning to provide you this as you won’t be getting free Wi-Fi facilities while walking on the rod and street and since you may not know about the name of the places that you are going to without a map, it will be easier for you if you see the map. Plus the other benefit that you will get by carrying a map is that even if people don’t understand your pronunciation or even if you are in a village where you find someone who does not understand English nicely then you can just show the map and ask them for the direction.

Offer 3- Complimentary Visit Nepal 2020 printed High Venture Plus cap or T-shirt

The other complimentary gift that you will get from our company is that we will be giving you either a cap or a T-shirt where you can find our company’s logo. So, this is a complimentary gift as a token of appreciation for choosing us and visiting Nepal this year. If you visit during the summertime, spring or autumn season and you are heading towards the Terai region or simply tour around Kathmandu valley then we will provide you with a cap as it will be helpful as there will be heat during that time. But if you have a cap or you have come in the winter season where you will need a woolen cap or you are trekking to the mountains then we will be providing you with a T-shirt. 

Offer 4- Providing you with Trekking gears like a duffel bag and trekking stick

 Now, for this year as Nepal is celebrating its tourism year, we have decided that we will not just limit our offers in not taking extra charges but also by providing you with necessary trekking equipment. If you are trekking then these gears like trekking stick will help you both the ways i.e. while ascending as well as while descending the hills or mountains. Besides that, the gears like duffel bags will also be provided to the ones who would like to go for a city tour as bags are always a helpful tool and come handy instead of taking a trekking bag or suitcase itself everywhere.

Offer 5- Nepali cultural dinner 2 hours trip

 So, our other offer is to provide you with a little different aspect which is by showing you the cultural significance of the country. In this regard, we plan to take you to someplace within a couple of hours long drive where you can enjoy Nepali style dinner with dance and songs being played. We are providing you with this offer as culture, tradition, and custom is one of the major aspects which indicates a Nepali lifestyle wherever you are. If we find some Tharu village then we will go there and eat if Sherpa community meets on our way then we can go there and have our dinner at that hotel or if we just tour in around Kathmandu valley then we can eat Thakali food set or Nepali Khana and enjoy the atmosphere there.  
So, as a whole, we are offering you this so that you will visit Nepal and enjoy your journey here. Visiting Nepal, you won’t just spend leisure time and enjoy your vacation but also gain a lot of insight and knowledge regarding the countries like Nepal. Though small in terms of geographical area, you will find Nepal definitely as a place where you can enjoy the solitude in the Himalayas, look at the plains in the Terai region, and view some architectures of the ancient or re-constructed pilgrims like the Temples and monasteries especially in the Hills and all over the country.


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