​My plan to Kathmandu Nepal

  February 27th, 2020

I was looking for a different travel experience than I usually do with my husband and kids, I had finished the faculty of Psychology and wanted to experience a personal challenge,  so I found a volunteering program to work here in Nepal in a school called Heaven Hill Academy. At first, the name of the school already won me over, and them the fact that it is such a different country to me, the possibility to see the Himalayas, the Mount Everest and also experience cultural differences, the food, all of this made me decide to make this trip.

Flight to Kathmandu Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal Airport

Nepal Kathmandu

I had to take 2 flights to arrive here, it was a long flight, but everything was good. I found Nepal beautiful and exotic with its noisy and chaotic traffic. I stayed here two days before going to Besishahar, visited Temples listed by UNESCO, attended a Hindu Funeral in the ( I don’t remember the name of the temple ). Stayed at the Hotel Buddha, where I was fantastically received and well attended by all the staff and especially by the manager Pramod, who helped me with the tour I did around town and also making the transfer when I went to the internship program.
Patan durbar square
Bride and groom celebrating their marriage ceremony in Patan Kathmandu.
Boudhanath stupa
Pashupatinath Temple

My school voluntary program

Doing this voluntary program was an incredible life experience. I helped at the school; it is in a rural village in the mountains. When I arrive there were volunteers from different parts of the world working there, such as France, Australia, Italy, and the United States. This experience made me grow as a human being. I stayed there for 1 week and then went back to Kathmandu.
My school voluntary program
Volunteering in Nepal

Back to Kathmandu

It was good to return to Kathmandu, I took advantage of my stay at the Hotel Buddha to rest, visit a few more tourists spots and walk through the Thamel.
Thamel bazar Kathmandu

Everest experience

When I was in the mountains I saw an advertisement for a Panoramic flight to see the Himalayan mountains and Mount Everest, I was so excited and decided to buy the tour. It was one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences of my life. You see the mountains close by, and during the flight, they serve champagne or apple juicy to toast the moment and in the end, you receive a certificate signed by the plane’s commander. The flight is smooth and lasts about one hour, it’s certainly worth doing, it’s a wonderful, amazing experience.
Everest experience
bye nepal

Bye Nepal this time  

Being in Nepal was a wonderful experience, I highly recommend visiting this incredible country, with welcoming people, delicious food and such beautiful places and mountains. It was certainly a positive experience and I will cherish these memories with great affection in my heart and mind.

By Sandra Campos.


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