Top 10 ways to explore the unexplored local places in Kathmandu valley

  February 4th, 2020

Since Kathmandu is the capital of the country, there are certainly some of the well-known places where tourists usually visit considering them as some of the touristy sites. But, what if you have already seen those in your last visit or you have already been to those places and instead would like to explore more.
Then, we have a guide for you regarding where all you can go and enjoy yourself; whether be it a hike or simply visiting to see natural beauty, architecture or whatever it be.

Moreover, if you don’t like a lot of crowds and want to go somewhere peaceful, explore more about the culture and traditions of the local people over there, etc. then you can go anywhere where you would like to. But for this, we would like to advise you to reach your desired destination nicely and gain maximum benefit from it.
So, let’s move on to our recommendation regarding how you can explore the valley more-

Carry a map

We suggest you carry a map even in this generation where there is Google map easily available due to the fact that in Nepal, you cannot find easy accessibility to the Internet as free Wi-Fi except for some places of cultural heritages like the Pashupatinath Temple or some local parks perhaps.
Thus, you have to spend some money on using Mobile Data. This, though may not be a big problem as there are certain rates through which you can recharge your mobile and use it but the other problem arises where there is no proper network.
It is certain that not all places in the valley also has a good network available. So, for this we recommend you to carry a map. Moreover, not all the places are located or kept in Google Maps.

Ask for directions

If you feel like you are confused about where to go next and might even have been in a wrong way then, you should ask for the directions to the locals.
If we talk about the people in Kathmandu, many people understand the English language and asking for direction may not be a big deal. However, we suggest you learn some basic Nepali language like where is this place as if you go alone and there are just old people there then they can’t understand the language. This won’t even take much time as you can only use some basic things and the destination.
This too helps as the map may not always be reliable as the shops or some things that might have been in that location before might not be there. The roads have also extended in some places of the valley and there might have been another way of visiting and not like how it is shown on the map. So, for that reason, if you are unsure about anything and don’t understand certain things then do ask for someone or the other.

Which season to visit which place?

If you would like to visit someplace just for recreation then find about the road condition of that place as some of the places in the outskirts of the valley are not graveled and paved. So, if that place that you are going does not have good roads then you might want to go hire a dirt bike, jeep or something or if not then it’s better that you don’t go during heavy monsoon season.
Besides that, if you are going for hiking nearby Kathmandu then you must be well aware of which season is the best to go where, whether there are leeches or not, if there is proper road or path or not, etc.
Besides that, if you want to explore more about the culture and traditions of Nepal and visit some temples which are a little far then also check out the route you are taking, its road and all. But in this regard, make sure that you check out the time of festivals and rituals as well. This is because some of the temples are crowded in certain festivals, seasons or rituals. There might even be the sacrifice of animals and all along with the traditional practices if it falls under some festive date.
So, before you go make sure that the place does not get crowded as you may not be able to explore the places nicely and peacefully.

The ideal time during the day to visit

If you are going to any place inside the valley or somewhere near the valley, then we recommend you to go visit during the day time starting from late morning like 10 or most probably 11.
We say so because, in Kathmandu or anywhere Nepal except for some popular and well-known places of tourist destinations, you won’t be able to find the availability of transportation, whether it is a bus, micro-van or even a taxi.
And Nepal is not a place where you can enjoy the night view to an extensive level. In fact, in a maximum of the places in the country, people hardly walk or even drive again except for tourist places like Thamel, Durbar Marg, etc. or if there is any kind of emergency or so.
If you hire any taxi, jeep or motorcycles then also you won’t find any place worthy of watching as there won’t be lights in many places. So, it’s great if you visit during morning time, day time or during the evening.

Travel like a local

When you are in Kathmandu, you can find a lot of narrow alleys full of shops. So, in these places, it will be very difficult for you to go to any taxi, car or any four-wheelers. In fact, in some places, four-wheelers are restricted.
Besides this, even for two-wheelers like a simple road bike or a motorbike, it is quite difficult to tackle the passerby if you have not ridden a bike in Kathmandu before.
Besides that, if you are going for mountain biking or even for hiking, you can hire a bike from different places like Thamel. Forgoing to a little far from the main road of the valley then you can go to a local bus, jeep or even truck if you don’t find a bus.
However, walking is one of the best ideas while going to these places after you get down from the bus until the bus stop. But since Kathmandu is quite air polluted, we suggest you wear face masks or fleece (the one which covers your mouth and nose).
The other thing we suggest to keep in your handbag is an umbrella or a raincoat in the rainy season especially during monsoon as it is not certain about the rain in which part of the valley and how much as sometimes the weather forecast also does not match as one place of Kathmandu’s weather varies from another place.
Now, talking about riding a bicycle in Kathmandu is quite challenging as the roads are crowded and there are no lanes for cycling. However, you can rent one if you would like to in the Thamel area.
While parking your cycle, make sure that you have the locking system as you can lock it in the poles or you can park it in the parking area at your own risk as there are not much cycle stands around the valley.
Now, if you opt for the public vehicle to reach your destination then take in note that you may not get a seat especially if it is office hours. Besides that, since we cannot guarantee you being pickpocketed, we suggest you keep your belonging safely in your pocket or inside your bag which is not easily openable by people.
Before taking the vehicle, make sure that you keep the change and handy as there is no ticketing system in public vehicles of Kathmandu valley. Besides that, make sure you have taken the right bus/ microbus/ tempo, etc. by asking the driver/ conductor or the passengers.
In case, if you have lost your way or don’t know where the bus stop is and are quite far from the main city area, then you can also ask for lifts if they provide you one. You could ask for it especially if it is dark as the public vehicles stop driving by the time except for taxis which also you may not get nearby.

Respect the culture and traditions of the local people

Certainly, one’s culture and traditions don’t match with another’s. But as a dignified human race, it is our responsibility that we respect their culture and traditions even if we don’t like it or may not think them to have any logic.

Entrance Fees 

Regarding the entry fees, most of the places inside the Kathmandu valley do not require an entry fee even if it is culturally important. However, there are certain places like BoudhanathStupa where you will need to pay for entrance. Here, you will be given a ticket for paying the fee.
So, if you are told that you need entrance fees then you must get an entrance ticket as well otherwise the people there might just be fooling around with you or even might have the intention of robbing you.
While regarding the visit to many temples, some of the Temples like Pashupatinath Temple do not allow you to enter into the temple. However, you can roam outside the actual temple and take pictures, look at the architecture of the temple, view the trees, monkeys, etc.; look at the crematorium site from the other end, etc.

Taking Photographs

So, as to our next topic, taking photographs as it is always a fascinating thing while traveling and visiting new places, you can have extraordinary views of the pilgrims, monasteries, temples, etc. inside the valley. Besides that, street photography from the overhead bridge or rooftop Restaurants is also quite common nowadays. You could also take pictures of nature if you go a little farther from the main city.

Dress up according to the country- 

If you are visiting any part of Nepal then make sure that you wear clothes according to the way that Nepalese are familiar and comfortable. We say this because some natives of the valley especially the older generations might not think appropriate if you wear too tight, short clothes. It is better if you don’t wear such clothes while traveling in public vehicles as well. Whereas while going to any temples, if you are allowed to enter it, then you need to open your shoes before entering it although it is a most probable chance that you may not. Besides that, make sure that you don’t wear leather shoes or jacket while going to any temple.

Insight to an exploration of the city

Regarding the exploration of the city, take note that you won’t be able to get good and most importantly fancy Hotels or Cafes around in every nooks and corner of the valley and you have to adjust accordingly if you would like to explore like a native.
However, you will find some tea shops, small cafes around the valley even in faraway places.
Do let us know if you are planning to visit Nepal and choose us for providing you with certain information or facilities.


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