Visiting Nepal With a Spur in 2020

  February 19th, 2020     Thomas

How a Final Moment decision to visit Nepal in 2020 Turn Out to be an Ultimate Lifetime experience?

Nepal Jan/ Feb 2020: My goodness what a trip!! My partner, Tom and I made a spur of the moment decision late 2019 to travel to Nepal and what a great decision it was. We arrived in Kathmandu to Hotel Buddha in the early hours of the morning after a long delay and were greeted with open arms by the staff. And can I say we couldn’t have picked a better hotel for our stay?
Boudhhanath Temple during our Nepal Visit in 2020
Pramod, the hotel manager will truly never be forgotten by my partner and I. He went over and above with helping us book our whole 3-week custom trip which included a jungle safari in the beautiful Chitwan National Park where we saw numerous Rhinos and were lucky to have the wonderful guide, Assish who came in his time off to see a cheeky Rhino that wandered into the village!
Pokhara was the next stop for us and my God did it live up to its word. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather (most days that is!) and the gorgeous Annapurna Range was visible from our room at Crown Himalaya Hotel. We included a short trek to Australian Base Camp and Dhampus with our very patient guide Niraj put up with all of our questions, and water stops, the views were spectacular!!
Paragliding wasn’t on the cards, as we weren’t sure our stomachs could handle it, but after a quick last-minute chat with the manager, we were in a Jeep within half an hour to Sarangot, the take-off point for the gliding. It was a true highlight for us, after the initial terror the flight itself was a truly once in a lifetime experience!
Kathmandu was home for nearly a week, with its bustling streets and prayer flag lined streets, it was like nothing we could have imagined. Dipesh was our tour guide for 2 days as we went to all of the must-see sights including the Durbar Squares, Boudinath, Pashupatinath and the monkey temple. I was truly moved by the people we met at these sacred places, you can feel the difference of atmosphere, really quite a spiritual experience.

Our experience in short

Overall, our quick 3 week trip around Nepal was far more than we were ever expecting and I couldn’t be more glad that we chose this beautiful country, and what perfect timing with VisitNepal2020. We owe a huge thank you to Pramod and the wonderful staff at Hotel Buddha, along with all the staff and locals we encountered, we honestly haven’t got a bad word to say. If Nepal is on your shortlist of destinations, please consider putting it at the top of the list, we are so glad we did!!

Start of Three-week trip to Nepal

We arrived at Kathmandu at 1 am in the morning due to a delayed flight and we were greeted by the friendly hotel Buddha staff grabbing our bags for us and carrying them up to our lovely room, the following day we met Pramod the manager of the hotel and owner of the fantastic high venture plus, he instantly got us on messenger in case we had any issues and sat down with us on the roof of hotel buddha (lovely views if Thamel and the surrounding mountains) and helped plan our entire trip for us (we had only booked two nights at the hotel thus far) he gave us details of all of the things to do in Kathmandu and let us pick as we pleased.

Delightful Kathmandu Heritage Tour

The first day he linked us up with a guide Dipesh who was a very friendly bloke and knew everything about Kathmandu and some. He took us to all of the royal temples from Durbar square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath. He gave us an extensive run down on all of the history including the lovely architecture and the origins of where they had come from, he had no issues with my pestering questions in fact he said he enjoyed them as some people don’t seem to care. The experience was breathtaking and was extremely interesting, we couldn’t get enough.

Durbar Square Visit-Wood craven Architecture and Monumentes NepalTemple from Durbar Square in Patan

After the tours, my partner and I became quite ill and Pramod came in on his day off to help us as we weren’t sure what to do, he arranged us to go to the international hospital (who were expecting us) and drove us there without hesitation. We spent the night there and they sorted us right up and the medical team was great! Pramod kept in contact with us the entire time making sure we were well looked after and tended too. 
Our Package For Kathmandu Tour

Chitwan National Park Tour: My Favorite Destination

When we got out he rearranged all of our bookings to fit due to the delay, and without any issues we were off to Chitwan. After a little bumpy bus ride there we arrived at the hotel Park Land and we were greeted by Aasish who was a bubbley bloke who was up for a laugh. Over the next few days he took us on morning walks, canoe rides and jeep safaris which were a once in a lifetime opportunity. We saw everything from spotted deer, one-horned rhino, wild boar, monkeys, peacocks, and the very scary looking mugger crocodile by the dozens. Unfortunately, we missed the illusive tiger but that is at no fault of the guys as it is the right place at the right time kind of gig.
Spotted Deer in Chitwan during Elephant Safari
The landscape was breathtaking and Aasish had full knowledge of everything from the animals to the fauna, he even put up with my annoying “how often does this animal attack happen?” questions because I probably googled a little too much beforehand haha. He even came into the hotel on his time off because a rhino had wandered into the village and was having a sleep so we had an extreme close up around 2-3 meters away which I doubt I will ever see again. Chitwan was probably my favorite destination.
Our Chitwan National Park Package

Spectacular Pokhara Tour: I couldn’t get enough

View of Pokhara on the way to Peace Pagoda
We then took off to Pokhara which was the view of views, we went up to the peace pagoda which was great and a must-see, we spent most of our time eating all of the lovely food that is on offer there and residing at hotel crown Himalayas and the manager there was more than helpful as well (though Pramod had set a high bar) he hooked us up with some paragliding on very short notice and next thing you know we picked up and driven straight there and had the time of our life, even though I wasn’t sure about being that high up, I would recommend it even if you are a bit scared of heights I think it has cured mine somewhat.
Our Tour was custom but you can get the combined experience with this package.

Trek to Dhampus From Pokhara
But the highlight was our three-day trek to Australian base camp, Dhampus and back to Pokhara with our guide Narjir who was one of the friendliest blokes we met on the trip and nothing was too hard for him, not that we were very needy, I would highly recommend it if you haven't trekked before as it is one of the easier ones but you get the views of several peaks on Annapurna and the view of it was fu*%#&! Amazing! I’m not a morning person but I was up at 6 am to see them, I couldn’t miss them. The trip was a real eye-opener and I would love to come back and do a slightly harder trek next time.

After that, we came straight back to the hotel Buddha (why wouldn’t we) and Pramod has upgraded us to the top floor suite which we can’t thank him enough for this.

Thank You Visit Nepal Year 2020

Liz(left) and Thomas(Right): 3 Weeks Vacation Experience in Nepal
We had a 20/10 time here in Nepal and we will defiantly be coming back!  There is a lot we didn’t have time to see and a lot we more we want to come back and see thank you to Pramod and the team for giving us the best time possible, I couldn’t recommend hotel Buddha and high venture plus enough.


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