With maximum elevation of 5360 meters, Dhaulagiri Trek starts from Beni all the way along MyagdiKhola, the local settlements (especially the Gurung communities settle in the region), terraced fields up till the Dhaulagiri Massif itself. Then the trek further continues towards the Chon Barden gorge which is near Dhaulagiri Base Camp and from where you will divert your journey towards the French Pass from where you enter a valley known as the Concealed Valley. Then moving further, you will cross Dhampus Pass and start the journey to Jomsom. This trek is one of the dangerous trek in Nepal which is why you need at least 4 people in your group (including yourself). Henceforth, we suggest you to go for this trek only if you have a good endurance capacity because of offbeat trains and difficult terrain. However, this region has been unspoiled and less travelled which enables you to travel with good natural sceneries around. With great landscape and amazing view of the mountain ranges, passes and peaks, it is equally rich in terms of floras and faunas as you can find jungles along the way. The lifestyle of the people living in this region however is unique as they have their own culture which they have been conserving for ages. The best time to go for this trek is in April-May or in September-October.

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