Situated in the northwest of Dhaulagiri and kali Gandaki gorge This region is one of the highest inhabited places in Nepal in the highlands. Around 90% of the region thus lies above 3500 meters. Full of agricultural fields, lakes, Gompas and the amazing view of the mountain ranges, Phoksundo Lake is one of the major attractions of this region. This trek is mostly divided into two packages which are Upper Dolpo Trek and Lower Dolpo Trek where it will take you total of 18 days to trek in the Lower Dolpo while it takes total of 24 days for the Upper Dolpo Trek. They are situated at an altitude of 5,318 meters and 5,350 meters respectively. Lowe Doplo is also known as the “hidden treasure of Nepal” as it has such a beauty that probably no other trek could have due to its high passes which includes Kangmara La, Numa La and Baga La along with Shey-Phoksundo Lake; the deepest lake of Nepal and wide range of flora and fauna wher yaks are common. The other major attractions of this place are Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan plateau that surrounds this green land. The best time to trek here is during autumn or spring. While talking about Upper Dolpo, this region is filled with wildlife, forests, amazing landscape, and closer view of the mountains along with monasteries. This region is best to visit during summer and monsoon and not recommended in winter.

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