A country in South Asia, India is the seventh largest country by area and second most populated country in the world. The country is highly known for its art and architecture, culture and tradition, landscape, etc. as to which Taj Mahal is one of the world famous architecture. Besides this, the Mughal and South Indian architecture are known to a larger extent. The most visited tourist sites in the country are Agra for looking at the Taj Mahal, Red fort in Delhi, Amber Palace, hawa Mahal, etc. for viewing the architecture. You can also visit the city of Delhi for shopping, Jaipur; also known as the “Pink City” for experiencing a beautiful scenery.  Besides this, as India is not a landlocked country and has access to seaways, you can enjoy going to the sea beaches as well. For this, Goa is the most visited places where you can enjoy relaxing in the beach. As being a big country, you can go from one part to the other for different taste in culture, tradition, custom, food, etc. So, you can visit North India for exploring its unique culture or Jammu-Kashmir area for a serene view, or to the pilgrims in the Ganges in Varanasi; especially for understanding and researching about the Hindu culture. Having said so, India provides you with great outdoor attractions where you can find big jungle cats on jungle safaris and also experience some thrilling adventures like paddling in the shimmering waters of coastal retreats. In regard to cuisine, the country has a lot of regional cuisines. However, the Indians consume more spices than the rest part of the world. In regard to tourism India is one of the country where you can find diversity in religion where Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Jain, all reside though it has the majority of Hindu followers. And to this, it is also known to be foundation of Hindu Philosophy, mythology, theology and literature. 

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