With the highest altitude of 5,000 meters, Langtang region is situated towards the north bodering Tibet. The trails pass along through Langtang National Park which is a home to any flora and fauna. The major natives of this region are Himalayan bears, Himalayan deer, Himalayan Pheasants, Yak, Red Pandas, etc. Besides this, the region is full of diverse ethnic group of people while you can see many Gompas and Stupas along your way. Moreover, the natural vegetation and the beauty give a different essence to this place as you will pass through bamboo forests, with waterfalls along with snow-capped mountains. You could also find Rhododendrons in the right season which further makes the environment lively. However, the major specialty that this region holds are the view from the monasteries, glaciers, ice flutes especially of Gyangchempo, the mountain ranges (Ganesh Himal and Manaslu are more clear from here) along with the Yak cheese. You could even visit the Gosainkundalake, a holy shrine of the Hindus on the way to this trek. Talking about the teahouses, they are in good condition though some of them are still under construction as the April 2015’s massive Earthquake had destroyed most of the teahouses back then.

Tamang Heritage Trek

This program from High Venture Plus takes you to the quaint and unique villages of the Tamang community close to Kathmandu Valley. Located inside Langtang National Park, this trail is mostly about hiking through scenic landscapes.

11 Days
Langtang Valley Trek

The Langtang Valley Trek from High Venture Plus is targeted for lovers of Nature. Langtang is considered a valley of glaciers as the region is at close proximity to the Langtang Mountain Range. This scenic trek is done inside the Langtang National Park - region known for its dense green vegetation, calming natural beauty, and majestic views of the Himalayan range.

8 Days
Helambu Trek

This short trek is a journey into dense oak and rhododendron forests complete with wildlife and scenic views of valleys and pastures below. At the north near the Tibetan border, we will see some incredible views of the mountain peaks. Trekking along the lower altitudes of Langtang Mountain Range, this scenic journey lets you see the untouched natural and beauty.

7 Days

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