Located at Eastern part of Nepal, its elevation ranges from 850 meters (2,788 ft.) to 5,000 meters (16,900 ft.)above the sea level in height, the trek starts from Arun valley leading all the way up to Barun Glacier w1here you pass along the dense forest full of floras where you can see plants like rhododendron, fir, etc. Furthermore, the Arun Valley is a home to the different rare species of birds. However, the major attraction that this region holds is due to its National park which is known as Makalu barun National Park as you can find even more floras and faunas mainly due to its diverse ecological zone.  Furthermore, you can get an amazing view of the mountain ranges where Lake Salpa adds more life into the region. Regarding the tea house, they are limited in number however the hospitability and the culture of the ethnic communities in this region are remarkable. For travelling however, on average it takes you around 5-7 hours per day for 23 days if you start your journey from Kathmandu. And as of the altitude, it has the maximum altitude ranging to 5,000 meters. Now, regarding the season for trekking in this region, April-May and September- November are considered to be the ideal time.

Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp, located inside Makalu Barun National Park is a less-frequented trekking region as compared to popular trekking routes. The trail is known for extraordinary natural beauty, quiet and immersive experience. You will cross several picturesque villages, a number of passes, and a lot of yak pastures before arriving at Makalu Base Camp.

19 Days

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