Hello! My name is Max Titarev. I am a historian and ethnographer by education, a guide by profession and a researcher in life. For many years, my motto has been the phrase "Life is an adventure!" I embodied this maxim in my life: I traveled the world in all possible ways - on airplanes, cars, buses, rafts, boats, bicycles, hitchhiking :) I also tasted or was seriously engaged in all kinds of adventures - ethnographic expeditions, skiing, skydiving, diving, sailing, surfing, climbing, climbing, mountaineering, trekking and much more. In 2015, my friend and I created “Mikluho. Travel” to share our lifestyle with everyone and live our dream - to travel and work on a journey. A lot has changed over the past few years. Traveling for me was not just an adventure, but an exploration of Myself and the World around. High venture plus has become a cool business that draws more and more people, gives our customers the opportunity to change their lives, to touch something completely new. 

Today for me, High venture plus is both a guide and a business, and the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people! And also the most important thing is the opportunity and reason to explore the World in the way that suits me the most - through the experience of meeting with the other, through living. 

Our Team