Also known as Kutang, Manaslu is the eight highest mountain in the world. With the height of 8,156 meter, it is located in the Mansiri Himalayan range of Lamjung district. The Manaslu Circuit Trek starts from Arughat Bazaar and ends in Besisahar; the starting point of Annapurna Circuit Trek. Meanwhile during the journey, you pass through Buddhist monasteries, Himalayan ranges, passes, river basins, etc. One of the major monasteries in this area is at Samagaon where you can know about the place and the religious practices from the nuns and monks. This takes around 2-3 weeks in average. Moreover, the Tsum region has been an amazing destination for the tourists. The area gives you an amazing panoramic view of Mt. Manaslu. The trek, however, has not been a reach to many tourists as the trail has been considered to be one of the dangerous trails in the world. Besides this, the place is much cleaner than rest of the trekking routes and the region is full of natural vegetation where you can find wide variety of plants where some of them include pine, rhododendron, etc. You can find a wide range of wildlife and birds as well in this region which includes Barking deer, Himalayan marmots, Pika, Raven, Chough, Phesants, etc. So, as to protect these floras and faunas, Manaslu Conservation Area has been established. Now talking about the teahouses, though you can find ample of teahouses in the Circuit area now, you cannot find much teahouses in the Conservation area. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek

In this two-week trekking program from High Venture Plus, you will cover a distance of around 111 miles in the pristine and untouched Manaslu Region in the direct shadows of the Manaslu mountain range. You will see the diverse flora and fauna in an adventurous but not-too-difficult scenic trek.

14 Days
Manaslu with Tsum Valley Trek

The Tsum valley, also known as the Hidden Valley filled with different monasteries and hamlets. The region has got a large number of Tibetan populations that reside on the northern part of Manaslu on the Nepal-Tibetan border.

22 Days

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