Rupa Khanal Tiwari

Rupa Khanal Tiwari  is a native from from the Manaslu Region, the most popular trekking area of Nepal. Once her secondary education was finished she moved to Kathmandu in 2011 where she started university and earned a Bachelor’s in Travel & Tourism.

Pramod Khanal

To be introduced in myself, I am Pramod Khanal. I was born in 1984 A.D in tandrang V.D.C ward no 2, Gorkha district of Nepal. I am working in Tourism Sector in Nepal since 2005 A.D. As in my half-decade experience in the tourism sector, I have served a long time with clients of different countries and gain a lot of experience in the mountains’ have been working in Mountain as a senior Trekking guide in Nepal.  

Franziska Thiel

I have two passions in my life, dancing and traveling. For many years I have lived in Germany and explored several European countries. Now I have been living in Asia, China and India for more than 5 years, where I work as a teacher. Travel experiences in Asia are very different from those in Europe.

Maksim Titarev

Hello! My name is Max Titarev. I am a historian and ethnographer by education, a guide by profession and a researcher in life. For many years, my motto has been the phrase "Life is an adventure!" I embodied this maxim in my life: I traveled the world in all possible ways - on airplanes, cars, buses, rafts, boats, bicycles, hitchhiking :) I also tasted or was seriously engaged in all kinds of adventures - ethnographic expeditions, skiing, skydiving, diving, sailing, surfing, climbing, climbing, mountaineering, trekking and much more.

Valeriia Trifilceva

Travels fill every cell of my body with pleasure, I believe that they expand the picture of the world and nourish with vitality. The idea of seeing the Whole World with my own eyes is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. I traveled to Europe: walked along the streets of Polish cities and ate sweets from marzipan in Hungary, got high in Austria (I love it!) And climbed the rocks in France (Fontanblo), ate vanilla Tartu under the Arc de Triomphe and ate pizza with anchovies in Italy, skated I cycled through a pine forest in Croatia and tried funnels in the Czech Republic, cultivated in German galleries and basked in the warm sun of Montenegro, enjoyed every day in Latvia and Lithuania and immersed in myself in Turkey. 

Dr.Mohamed Hasan Abdulla

​What made me passionate about travel and outdoor sports was frequent travel with my family since my childhood when I was nine years old. This passion has turned into a distinctive hobby that has generated many hobbies such as photography, playing sports, curiosity, discovering the customs and traditions of peoples and learning about the most important handicrafts, industries and antiquities. 


Friends, I am glad to greet you on behalf of High venture! I always loved to travel. And I want to show you different countries such as I saw them. All the best: incredibly beautiful places, interesting stories and legends, and delicious local dishes. And all this is accompanied by experienced guides that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of any country and not be distracted by everyday issues. Believe me, dreams of trips must come true

Rasik Khanal

Hello, Namaste it’s me Rasik Khanal. I was born in 1999 March-10 in Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality, Gorkha district. I am student of management faculty. I love this Tourism field and Photography, that’s ways I choose this field. At first I started my career  from Hotel and hospitality as a Receptionist. My aim and plan is travel and explore new place and meet local people  then I decided I will be a good Trekking guide.

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