To be introduced in myself, I am Pramod Khanal. I was born in 1984 A.D in tandrang V.D.C ward no 2, Gorkha district of Nepal. I am working in Tourism Sector in Nepal since 2005 A.D. As in my half-decade experience in the tourism sector, I have served a long time with clients of different countries and gain a lot of experience in the mountains’ have been working in Mountain as a senior Trekking guide in Nepal.
I am Government-certified License Holder Nepal Trekking Guide with Grade 'A'. After a long walk in the trekking trails, I found a group of my friends and we start to work as a freelancer independent Trekking guide in Nepal and give a service which provides a great satisfaction and best hospitality to the clients and also working as a trekking and tour operate of Himalaya Country Nepal but I suppose to provide a service to the clients in budget trekking with great pleasure.

We believe to satisfy the long and short holidays of yours in an economic and satisfied manner. I started my career in the Tourism Sector from the Hotel hospitality in Royal Chitwan National Park, one of the best Jungle Wildlife Reserve. I came to Kathmandu and join agencies and work as a trekking guide of Nepal. I am a student of r English literature and waiting for my graduation.
This job for me is the bridge between the study and my future career. As far as concerned in the language, I am good at English, Indian Hindi and fluency in Arabic, language and obviously Nepali. My job as a mountain Trekking Tour Leader of Nepal is not just only show you the path or trails but also enriched with the cultural values, norms, and Nepalese traditions. Always thinking positively, open-hearted and makes the environment funny with cracking his jokes and ever singing a traditional song is also the best part of pro me.

Vast knowledge about the culture and traditions of the countries and boundless enthusiasm. In my work has enabled me to create a www.highventureplus  trek and expedition and Trekking Especially I am specialized in organized the following Tourism package of Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking, Lang tang Trekking, Tour, Heritage sightseeing,  Mountain flight Tour operate Hiking Nepal, India, Tibet,  Bhutan Tour Budget travel in Nepal. So remember me your complete travel partner in Nepal.

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