An island country located in South Asia, Sri Lanka is the one of the countries in South Asia to have the highest HDI (Human Development Index) according to the PCI (Per Capita Income) of the citizens. Sri Lanka is also rich in culture and biodiversity. Thus making it a country to have many prominent temples, forts, caves and even perch on some peaks. And regarding biodiversity, the country falls under one of the 25 biodiversity hotspot places in the world. As to this, Sri-Lanka has 22 National Parks and 24 Wildlife Reserves where you can find 3,210 species of plants and 211 varieties of woody trees. Whereas the wildlife like the Asian Elephant and Sri Lankan Leopard are the native of the country. Besides this, you can find wild buffaloes along with wide variety of birds if you go for Safari in any of the National Parks. However, the Asian Elephants are the most prominent and largest wildlife in Sri Lanka with the estimated population of around 5,879. Besides that, Sri Lanka is also known for having a great climatic condition with wonderful sceneries covered with greenery; especially due to the tea plantation in various areas of the country. Besides this, the country is also well-known for its island and sea beaches. The country is also famous for its architecture. Regarding the cultural background, Sri Lanka has the maximum number of Buddhist followers by religion which is further influenced by the British colonial culture. Likewise they celebrate the Buddhist and Hindu New Year in the month of April as well. While regarding the food, they eat rice and curry on normal basis. Sri Lankan paintings and sculptures and classical dances are also a prominent things to the country. Being a nation of affordable cost, the country is not so much crowded and is thus is one of the best places to visit.  

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