Located in East Asia, Tibet in an autonomous region of China. Having the highest plateau in the world, the country is also known the Roof of the World. Having said so, the tourism in Tibet is however controlled by the Chinese Government and has been strictly restricted for backpackers and should do all the paper works from the official Travel Agency known as the China-Tibet Tour Agency. And if you want to go to Tibet via airways then you can only do that by first flying to Kathmandu; Nepal and then to Lhasa; Tibet as this is the only international flight to Tibet so far. Besides this you can also trave via train which is from Golmund; China to Lhasa; Tibet. And if you would like to get to Tibet from the mountain ranges then also it is possible as you can go passing the villages through Mt. Kailash. And as you reach here, as a tourist, you can experience the highly enchanting beauty covered with mountains and plateau. The glittering turquoise lakes along with tent houses add color to the place.  As Tibet is mostly known for its unique and remarkable for wide range of Buddhist monasteries, you can find prayer flags even in the tent houses as they practice Buddhist religion to a larger extent. Talking about the Tibetan people, they are friendly and have a large tolerance level. In Tibet, you can enjoy beverages to a larger extent as you can experience the new taste which you might not get elsewhere. Here, you can find yak-butter tea; especially in the monasteries and enjoy alcoholic beverage to a larger extent as you can get Lhasa Beer in the local Teahouses which also you will not be able to get anywhere else. Furthermore, Tibet is known best for its staple food known as Tsampa. Besides this, the other delicacies of the country are momos, thukpas, yak yogurt, etc. Tibet is further known for its Art and craft especially for its Thangka paintings and mandalas. The country is also rich in terms of handicrafts like Tibetan rugs and carpets, Tibetan hats, quilts, etc. Furthermore, being a plateau you can see various livestock like yaks, dzo, sheep, goats, horses, etc. grazing in the fields.

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