Travels fill every cell of my body with pleasure, I believe that they expand the picture of the world and nourish with vitality. The idea of seeing the Whole World with my own eyes is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. I traveled to Europe: walked along the streets of Polish cities and ate sweets from marzipan in Hungary, got high in Austria (I love it!) And climbed the rocks in France (Fontanblo), ate vanilla Tartu under the Arc de Triomphe and ate pizza with anchovies in Italy, skated I cycled through a pine forest in Croatia and tried funnels in the Czech Republic, cultivated in German galleries and basked in the warm sun of Montenegro, enjoyed every day in Latvia and Lithuania and immersed in myself in Turkey. Of course - Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova. Israel traveled. Surprised in the UAE. Explored Georgia. She lived in Sri Lanka. With pleasure, with warmth, out of love! Join now!
I am valeriia trifiltsevs from Odessa, Ukraine.
I love traveling a lot and become my job 
Happy to show you all countries like in Nepal we make absolutely amazing programs which including beautiful places, hiking, trekking, tours, and adventure. 
See you on the way. 

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